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  • The Adventures of Puss In Boots

    Have you checked your Netflix queue lately? Does it have "The Adventures of Puss In Boots" in it yet? If the answer to this question is no, go to your queue immediatley and add it! If the answer is yes, carry on reading this!

    My latest show is Netflix and Dreamwork's brand new show "The Adventures of Puss In Boots!" I play Toby, a little piglet inside of a giant pig's body who doesn't know his own strength. He's really funny, and lot's of fun to play! I think that kids are going to love it, and new episodes are coming out all the time!

  • The Lion Guard!

    I'm so excited to announce that I will be playing "Bunga" on Disney Junior's "The Lion Guard!" The show centers around Kion, a lion who is the son of Simba, and his ragtag group of friends (think "Lion King" meets "The Avengers") who protect the Pride Lands and the Circle of Life! It's super exciting! My character, Bunga, is a honey badger (He's the purple one in this picture!) who thinks before he acts, and is generally pretty foolish. It's a lot of fun, and there will be a TV movie premiering in November called "Lion Guard: Return of the Roar" and then the TV series starts up in January! IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME!

  • Break Point At SXSW

    In summer of 2014 I got to go to SXSW (South by Southwest), a film festival in Austin, for the world premiere of my new movie,"Break Point," and let me tell you, it was a blast! Thanks to a new friend of mine, I got in to the interactive (technology) section of the festival too, and it was amazing! Unfortunatley, I was late for a lecture by Michael Dell :( but I got to see my latest movie on the big screen! Break Point's website is here:

    And check in the videos section for the trailer!

  • Parental Guidance Promotion

    I can tell you that I had no idea when I was working on Parental Guidance that I was going to be doing so much promotion for the movie. I have done about 20-40 web interviews, multiple magazines and newspaper interviews, the press junket (countless interviews!) a couple screenings, and I just got back from Chicago where it was snowing our last day. I am so grateful to all the people at Fox, my parents and my publicist for helping me out. I learned so much.

  • Parental Guidance

    One of the greatest times in my acting career is when I went to Atlanta to work on my first major motion picture. I am guessing most of you know about by now, it stars Billy Crystal, Bette Midler and Marisa Tomei. It was great to get up every morning and work with some of the best actors in Hollywood.

    Bailee, Kyle and I had so much fun. We did tons of sightseeing when we weren’t working and I got to live with my Dad in our own apartment (or “man cave” as we called it).  I also got to meet Tony Hawk and watch him do his thing up close. I hope you all like the movie.

  • Comcast Xfinity

    I had such a great year doing Comcast commercials. I have no idea how many we did throughout the past twelve months. It was like shooting a movie, and I so love my entire Comcast family behind and in front of the camera. We had so much fun this year. For Christmas they made it snow in October! Lets just say I got to celebrate all the holidays months in advance.

  • See Dad Run

    This Fall I got my first guest star role on Nick at Nite’s new show See Dad Run starting Scott Baio. It was really fun- I’ve never worked on a show before that has a live studio audience and it was COOL!! I didn’t get to perform live, but I did to join the cast on the final day of taping to take a bow. It was AWESOME!!!

  • Family Guy

    So I am not old enough to watch Family Guy… yet. (my parents made me say that- I disagree!) But, I am old enough to work on the show. It is so cool to be called to tape lots of different characters on for the show. Be sure to watch and try to figure out if you can hear me!

  • Mr. Peabody and Sherman

    This past summer I got to hang out at the DreamWorks campus doing voice work in their new animated movie that will surely be a huge hit. Let me tell you, DreamWorks is amazing, they have Oscars in the lobby, a fish pond and a Starbucks (I <3 Starbucks). The recording studio was huge! Anyway, I am not sure when the movie will come out, but I will keep you up to date. My character is named Carl. (No, not the kangaroo in “Parental Guidance”)

  • Nick Cannon Sketch Show- The Incredible Crew

    I had so much fun this summer working on a new show for Nick Cannon. I got to be a neighborhood kid who had lost his dog- and the Incredible Crew helped me find him! We did some funny stuff and the entire cast was super cool.

  • House, M.D.

    So my parents tell me that House, M.D. is a pretty amazing show and I am too young to watch it, so instead I got to work on the show.  Now I think I have pretty good hair, but for this role I was bald and portraying a cancer patient. My hair and make-up took almost 4 hours. Hugh Laurie who plays House was so nice to me. We talked travel, Europe and food. I think my episode was supposed to be the next to last to air, but because it ran long they had to cut my part. That’s show biz!!!

  • Saving Lincoln

    One thing I love about acting is I get to be different people, and I was so excited when I found out I was going to get to be Tad Lincoln (Abe’s youngest son). I recently studied the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln, so this was totally cool. The movie was shot on a sound stage using a HUGE green screen. They are going to put in the backgrounds using real period images! The movie is still in post-production because of all the computer work that has to happen. I can’t wait to see what it looks like.

About Josh

Josh has been a performer almost since the moment he was born. He was 10 months old when he first appeared in a local television special, and then several ads and catalogs shortly thereafter. By 2 1/2, he had an uncanny ability to identify cars by logo and body style, and was soon featured on the morning news in a segment on how to raise smart kids.

He and his family moved from Houston, Texas to Los Angeles in 2008 and since then he has appeared as young Chuck on NBC’s Chuck, and Young Sylar on NBC’s Heroes. He’s also been featured on CSI: NY, Criminal Minds, Children’s Hospital, Medium, Private Practice, Family Guy and The Cleveland Show, and lent his voice to many feature films, including the forthcoming Escape from Planet Earth and Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

In the Fox / Walden film Parental Guidance, Josh plays the role of Turner Decker Simmons, alongside Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, Marisa Tomei, Tom Everett Scott and Bailee Madison.

Josh is professionally represented by the Osbrink Agency in Los Angeles, and speaks fluent Spanish as well as English.

In The Press



  • Break Point Trailer

    Here is the trailer for my latest movie, "Break Point!" I play Barry, an offbeat 11 year old boy who ends up pushing the two leads together! You can read more about it in the News section!

  • The Lion Guard

    This is the first clip from my new Disney Junior TV show, "The Lion Guard!" (I'm the purple one!)

  • The Whisper Test Song

    I was part of the Whisper Test Song pro-bono (without getting paid) to show how I feel about bullying. I've been bullied before, and so has my character Turner in Parental Guidance, so I was excited to be a part of this music video. From their website: "The Whisper Test Song and its classroom teaching guide promote a more respectful, safe and tolerant society by informing and inspiring students, educators, and families. It depicts how differences and bullying can separate students and it also acknowledges the subtle and profound influence that parents and teachers can have on children. The Whisper Test Song Music Video features Brian Nelsen and Joshua Rush."

  • Comcast “Los Gutierrez”

    Early in 2012, I booked a job for Comcast Xfinity. I thought it was one commercial, but then I heard it was a whole series!!! That was cool. In the spots, I’m part of the Gutierrez family. There’s Mom, Dad, my brother Carlos and my sister Monica. (Those are not their real names!) We get into some crazy situations with our technology! Every six weeks or so since then, we’ve shot 3 or 4 more commercials. We’ve all really gotten to know each other and we love seeing everybody on set. Here are two of the commercials- I’ll post more when I have them

  • Comcast "In the Bedroom"

    Here's one of the first Comcast Gutierrez commercials I did that made me a part of my awesome TV family. And you don't have to speak Spanish to figure out what's going on here- we all want to watch the movies on Comcast Xfinity, and, let's just say the bed wasn't made for the WHOLE FAMILY!

  • Futbol

    Did you know I speak Spanish? In this short film, I got to use my Spanish to announce soccer, and it was WAY cool. And after my first announcing scene, there's a little surprise about my character. I love this short film. it's one of my favorite projects that I'll remember forever.

  • My first audition video

    Wanna see what I looked like when I was 5? I’ve been acting since I was 4, so I hadn’t been doing it that long when I did this. It was a video to show casting directors what I was like, because I didn’t have any real clips to show them. Be sure to watch til the very end to check out my YODA face! :D

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